Main Dishes


All of our main dishes are served with oven-roasted potatoes, rice and Greek salad


Kotopoulo – Chicken $17

Hoirino – Pork $16

Arni – Lamb $18

Lahanika – Vegetarian $16

Oven-Baked Specialities and Pastas

Moussaka $17

Layers of fire-grilled eggplant, thinly sliced potato, and a hearty meat sauce, topped with béchamel and baked to a golden finish.

Yemista $17

Green Pepper and tomato filled with herbs, seasoned riced, ground beef, topped with feta and oven-baked.

Pastichio $16

Long macaroni smothered in a rich meat sauce, toppled with béchamel and baked to perfection.

Briam $16

A medley of garden fresh vegetables stewed in a rich tomato sauce. A Vegetarian favourite.

Ravioli Santorini $16

Fresh Ravioli stuffed with spinach in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce.

Yiayia’s Pasta $15

Penne pasta tossed in a rich tomato sauce then topped with feta.

Kotopoulo kai Spinaki Pasta $17

Fresh spinach and chicken in a rich cream sauce tossed with penne pasta.